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Portal hypertension is high blood pressure in the portal vein, which supplies the liver with blood from the intestine and spleen.Always seek prompt professional medical advice about the cause of any symptom.Certain types of tumors may cause large amounts of tracer to collect in the liver or spleen.At times, the person experiences the swelling of liver and spleen at the same time.Reason why a 12 year old would have an enlarged liver and spleen.

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When the spleen is injured, blood may be released into the abdomen.

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Warning Signs and Symptoms Mild enlargement of the liver and spleen may go unnoticed.

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There are a number of reasons that your spleen can become enlarged.For example, viral infections, high alcohol intake, cirrhosis of the liver and parasitic infections are all risk factors for an enlarged spleen.

What is the medical term meaning enlargement of the liver and spleen.If the spleen becomes enlarged, doctors recommend avoiding contact sports or heavy lifting for a few weeks.If a splenectomy has been recommended, make sure you discuss with your.In this case, the spleen enlarges (called splenomegaly in medical terminology) because the blood vessels twist and it is over-filled with blood.Viral or bacterial infections, liver disease, metabolic disorders, certain kinds of anemia, and blood clots in the area of the liver or spleen can all cause the organ to become enlarged and painful.

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The normal position of the spleen is within the peritoneal cavity in the left upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity adjacent to ribs nine through 12, just beneath the left diaphragm.

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The liver or spleen may be enlarged because of a disease or may have an abnormal shape because a tumor is pressing against the organ.

Parasitic infections that may lead to liver and spleen enlargement include malaria and schistosomiasis.Cancer that has metastasized or spread to the liver can also be the source of ascites.

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I did at palo alto medical 4/14/2018 1/1/0001 I'm having Surgery;a tumor,half my Pancreas and my spleen or 4/11/2018 1/1/0001 I have a solid mass that was found in my spleen.It is also used when the spleen is being removed because of a condition called splenomegaly, or enlargement of the spleen.

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This syndrome is characterized by abnormal enlargement of the spleen (splenomegaly) due to obstruction of blood flow in some veins and abnormally increased blood pressure (hypertension) within the veins of the liver (e.g., hepatic or portal veins), or the spleen (splenic veins).

This advice is given to avoid the rare complication of splenic rupture that.When this happens, the disorder is called hepatosplenomegaly.Hepatomegaly, the medical term for an enlarged liver, is an underlying sign of liver disease such as hepatitis, as well as a host of other medical conditions, including mononucleosis and some forms of cancer.

The characteristic symptom of spleen enlargement is severe pain in the abdomen and back.

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Enlargement of the spleen (for example, due to Epstein-Barr virus causing infectious mononucleosis) makes the spleen more susceptible to injury.The spleen can become swollen for a lot of different reasons, some more concerning than others.Splenomegaly is the medical term for an enlargement of the spleen.

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In more advanced stages of liver cancer, the liver or spleen may become enlarged thus making them physically enlarged and the corresponding outer area tender to the touch.The scarring is most often caused by long-term exposure to toxins such as alcohol or viral infections.Enlarged liver in children is a sign of an underlying medical condition.This medical condition, predominantly characterized by swelling of both the organs at the.